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My journey began with my wife Amy, in March of 2017.  She had been unhappy with her weight for most of her life. After having our two sons, we both gained a lot of weight by making poor food choices and not staying active. We were comfortable in our ignorance until we discovered we could not keep up with our kids due to our low energy levels.  We tried everything from meal prepping and going to the gym twice a week, but with our limited time, and our metabolisms not being what they once were, we made little to no progress. I was in denial about my weight and I realized, that in order to reach my goal weight and BMI, I had to lose some weight. We needed to do something but we both felt stuck.

Amy then introduced me to the TVH™ supplements. She said she saw someone post on their social media profile an amazing before and after picture and to contact them for more information. She got in touch and ordered some for both of us to start our journey together. I am a true skeptic and did not want to consume harsh chemicals to lose weight.  She pointed out the ingredients on the box and I discovered it looked pretty clean. Then the thought ran through my head that these are junk because how could something with plant-based ingredients have positive results? Amy started taking them at least a week before I did, because I was stubborn to try. She cleaned our entire bathroom with her newfound energy one day, so I thought there might be something here.  I took them one day with no expectations as I had nothing to lose…..except the weight!

So, we remained consistent.  We were each other’s liability partners and we started to weigh ourselves once a month.  After about six weeks, we noticed our faces getting thinner and inches were dropping in random places. We consistently dropped pound after pound every month for four straight months.  After that time, family and friends started noticing our weight loss and they wanted to know what we had been doing. We got started in the business aspect of TruVision Health casually in November of 2017.

My wife and I recently moved outside of Nashville and have enjoyed our new jobs and have loved watching our kids grow up as well as being able to keep up with them..and we owe it all to TruVision Health™.

We still currently utilize the products and work the business side of it as well.  My advice for anyone who is starting out is TO START. So many waiver or contemplate, or make excuses. Your health is vital.  Once you do start, DO NOT QUIT. You have to stay consistent. Do not leave your other TruVision Health™products unopened. Get into a routine.  Keep a journal and always drink water. Take advantage of all the products and join the 10k pledge™. We just scored our custom Nikes not too long ago!  Keep on keeping on.

I have to give a shout out to Corporate and their products.  Their business model and growth rate is phenomenal and we have enjoyed being with them for over two years now.  Thank you to all who make it possible.